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In June of 2014 my family learned that my 4 year old son was autistic. This is a window into our world. What it's like day in, and day out for an autistic child.

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Friday, September 4, 2015


Well the whole house has got sick, except for Justin and his daddy. He is such a sweet little boy ! Yesterday he took a nap, and when he woke up he came into the living room. I heard him come in, and he was singing. 

I heard him singing like a songbird for about 20 min. I got up and went to the kitchen. There was Justin sitting on the corner of the counter singing away. He had been sitting there the whole time. He didn't get into anything. It was such a sweet moment. 

I also get Justin alphabet cookies that he uses to make words with. So that has been his other recent activity. 

He has also been playing with Playdough as well.