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In June of 2014 my family learned that my 4 year old son was autistic. This is a window into our world. What it's like day in, and day out for an autistic child.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Ipad withdrawals

Justin has managed to re-set his Ipad, so it is getting fixed. We're going on week two without it, and Justin hasn't been to happy about it. He also managed to crack a tablet that we have too. So I have sacrificed my phone, and put several of his favorite apps on it for him. He was thrilled this morning when I gave it to him !

Friday, September 25, 2015

Back to Therapy

Justin started back at his speech and occupational therapy today. I didn't tell him until right before it was time to go. This is because there are to many times where I would tell him we were going. Then, I would get a call saying one of the therapists were out. So then we would have to wait an extra half an hour, which lets just say he was less than thrilled about.

He did really good, a little excited and wanting to get into everything being this is his first day back.

We than picked up his big sister from high school, and headed home. Apparently, he wanted french fries from McDonald's and I didn't know this. So once we got home, he had a meltdown. I felt so bad, I wish I had known !

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yesterday I meet with the school board for Justin's annual meeting. We evaluated his progress, and determined what goals we want to pursue for the upcoming year. Along with his speech and occupational therapy, I told them I wanted to implement academics as well. So what I'm looking to do is take him twice a week to the school. He will be a part of the classroom and participate. He will have an assistant with him at all times. I'm really excited to see his progress, and how he does.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Five Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed

Justin along with his 4 siblings, were all jumping on our bed. I could hear Justin's laughter above everybody elses. That moment made me so happy !

I am so glad that all of our kids get along so well ! There love for each other shows daily.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fall Leaves

The high today is 83 degrees. It's so nice to be able to go outside, and it be cooler. Justin absolutely loves it ! The leaves are changing color, and are starting to fall.

Justin picked up a leaf today, and held it up to the sky with both hands. He had huge smiles !

He is getting more attached to his Ipad. He cries when the battery dies. I'd like to be able to get him another one.

I think I'll check into cheap tablets instead.

I've found there to be very little difference between the two. The main difference I found to be was the speed and memory. I would recommend getting the one with the highest memory you can afford.

The reason for this is if you get several apps, a smaller tablet will only hold 4-5 at the most. In Justin's case, this was no where near enough. He has a minimum of 10 that he has to have.

Friday, September 4, 2015


Well the whole house has got sick, except for Justin and his daddy. He is such a sweet little boy ! Yesterday he took a nap, and when he woke up he came into the living room. I heard him come in, and he was singing. 

I heard him singing like a songbird for about 20 min. I got up and went to the kitchen. There was Justin sitting on the corner of the counter singing away. He had been sitting there the whole time. He didn't get into anything. It was such a sweet moment. 

I also get Justin alphabet cookies that he uses to make words with. So that has been his other recent activity. 

He has also been playing with Playdough as well. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Justin has been doing really well lately ! I'm constantly adding new apps on his Ipad which he absolutely loves ! The ones he doesn't like, I just delete and search for more.

He has been playing a lot on the trampoline outside.

He's always so happy ! Even if he's sick, or has some sort of pain he still has such a wonderful personality. The only time he's not, is if he is having a meltdown.

Justin has gotten extremely close to his brother lately. It's so sweet to watch them interact together !

He continues to spell words and watch lots of learning videos.