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In June of 2014 my family learned that my 4 year old son was autistic. This is a window into our world. What it's like day in, and day out for an autistic child.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Autistic Twins

It is one thing to have an autistic child, it's another to have twins. Justin's twin sister is not autistic, and has no delays.

They both have a special bond. When they were babies, they loved looking at each other, jabbering, and touching each other.

As they started rolling, they would roll to each other and smile and laugh at each other.

Once they were crawling, I made a play area for both of them. It was a couple hundred square feet. It was full of their toys. This lasted several months, until they became escape artists.

By the time I took down the play area, they were walking and running around.