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In June of 2014 my family learned that my 4 year old son was autistic. This is a window into our world. What it's like day in, and day out for an autistic child.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another Day

Justin continued with most of his usual activities. He played with his train. He ran, ran, ran with his music playing. This is one of his favorite things to do. It seems to bring him a lot of happiness.

He enjoys laying in the sun too. We have six large windows, and he will find a spot and lay there. I think this has something to do with a sensory issue. He will also lay right up against the heater, covered up with a blanket.

He of course did a lot of swinging on his sensory swing. His new thing is spinning really fast on it.

He also did a lot of playing on his computers. He has taught himself how to spell, talk, the sounds of letters, and numbers on his various computers. We haven't had any meltdowns recently.