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In June of 2014 my family learned that my 4 year old son was autistic. This is a window into our world. What it's like day in, and day out for an autistic child.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Help, Justin Thinks He's a Monkey

Justin has taken his love for Curious George to a whole new level. He seems to now think that he is a monkey, and acts accordingly.

He hangs upside down from the corner of the dining room table. He'll swing side to side, and hit his stomach while hanging there.

He also will run around all "crazy like" while having Curious George on his tablet.

His swinging from his sensory swing has also taken on a life of its own, he swings hanging by one leg or upside down.

Has anybody else experienced this sort of behavior with their child ?

I'm a little concerned that he doesn't know the difference between reality and tv. I don't want him to think this is "normal" behavior.

Any thoughts ?

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